BIQU B1 Dual Operation System 3D Printer

BIQU B1 with High Quality 32 Bit Duel Opration System ; Supports 15 languages ; BIGTREETECH SKR V1.4 32-Bit motherboard; Dual operation system(Marlin&touch work modes) ; TMC silent drive;New integrated adapter board; TypeC Connect




Product advantages

1. Packs ARM Cortex-M4 STM32F407VGT6 chip with its main frequency up to 168MHz

2. Adopts AO1284 power chip with the power input of DC 12/24V and maximum output current up to 4A, greatly reducing power ripple and radiation interference

3. Integrated ESP8266 Wi-Fi module: ESP3D with Marlin & DWC with RepRapFirmware

4. Reserves the interface of Auto-leveling, MICRO USB, 2 CNC fans, RGB lights, power outage recovery, shutdown after printing, filament runout detection

5. Safety design, better protection


BTT SKR E3 Turbo is a customized motherboard for Ender3 printer launched by the 3D printing team of BIGTREE technology co., LTD., which can perfectly replace the motherboard of the original Ender3 printer.


1.Adopts ARM Cortex-M3 series LPC1769 chip, the main frequency is up to 120MHz

2.5 TMC2209 drivers on board, supporting dual extruders

3.Add parallel double Z-axis interface

4.Support BLtouch, filament detection, power-off resume, automatic shutdown, etc

5.Support onboard Sensorless homing function



BTT SKR MINI E3 V2.0 is a customized motherboard for Ender3 printer launched by the 3D printing team of BIGTREE technology co., LTD., which can perfectly replace the motherboard of the original Ender3 printer.

  • 1.Use MP1584EN power chip, support 12-24V power input, the maximum output current can reach 2.5A.
  • 2. The hot-bed MOS tube uses WSK220N04, low on-resistance, larger heat dissipation area and reduces heat generation.
  • 3.double Z-axis .
  • 4. Supports BLtouch, detection of blocked rotation, resumption of shutdown, shutdown after shutdown, etc.
  • ....


1. SKR V1.4 with 32-bit main frequency 100MHz ARM level Cortex-M3 series LPC1768 main control chip

2.SKR V1.4 Turbo with 32-bit main frequency 120MHz ARM level Cortex-M3 series LPC1769 main control chip

3.Support Resume Printing While Power Off, Filament Break Detection,Automatic Shutdown After Printing and so on.

4. I2C, SPI and WIFI interfaces are reserved for convenience of DIY.

5.Support RGB light bar



1.Two working modes of UART serial screen and 12864-like screen can be selected, with higher compatibility.

2.Serial screen mode supports two printing methods: SD card and U disk.

3.Reserve WIFI interface, support external WIFI module to realize WIFI function.

4. sets of UART serial expansion ports are reserved for user DIY up to 15 languages

BIQU H2 Direct Extruder

Large Extrusion Force/ Lightweight/ Compact and Powerful/ Can Print PLA,TPU,TPE and other flexible filament/ High Flow / Double gear extruder
  • Weight
  • 211g (including heating aluminum block, fan)
  • Extrusion method
  • Double gear extrusion
  • Maximum extrusion force
  • 7.5kg (depending on filaments)
  • Motor recommended current
  • 800mA
  • Maximum printing temperature
  • 260℃ (upgradeable to 500℃)
  • Extrusion capacity (based on existing)
  • 600mm³/min(depending on filaments)
  • Number of pulses
  • Step motor drive at 932steps/mm at 16 segments (further correction required)
Perfectly for BIQU BX 3D Printer,and now we have stl of adapter bracket for Ender 3and BIQU B1. For other 3D Printer (need the adapter bracket),If you need the stl of other printers, you can send information to us.

BIQU eSUN PLA+ 3D Printer Filament

High Toughness ; High Quality ; Eco-friendly Non-toxic ; Low warping; Easy to operate
  • Printing temperature
  • 210-230 ℃
  • Base plate temperature
  • 45-60 ℃
  • Density
  • 1.23 g/cm³
  • Printing speed
  • 40-100 mm/s
  • Fan
  • 100 %
  • Melt Index
  • 5(190 ℃/2.16 kg) g/10min
  • Tensile Strength
  • 63 Mpa
  • Elongation at break
  • 20 %
  • Bending strength
  • 74 Mpa
  • Flexural modulus
  • 1973 Mpa
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