BIQU Magician Full Assembled 3D Printer Delta

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Place of departure * China to Japan
Size * Black
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The explanation of the choose column:

1.Western Europe: Britain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland,  Monaco, Germany, Austria and so on. 
Other country: Singapore,  Australia and so on.

2.China to Japan: Shipping from China by EMS/FedEx/S.F. with in 4-8 day . We have Japanese manual and related  power plug.

3.USA local deliver: We have local warehouse on USA local ,when the payment is confirmed ,we will send by local UPS/FedEx .  (Because we have activity on USA warehouse ,all the printer on USA are lowest price  $169. Free shipping !!! Limit stock !!! )


We accept sending to all countries.
In addition to the United States, Russia and Japan, other countries choose "Western Europe" at first.
If you have any questions, please consult customer service.

What's more:

1.Thank you for your attention ,  please pay attention to the color you need, otherwise the default is black.

2.Some countries are far away, and we will subsidize most of the freight,the remaining part of the freight should be paid by the customer.For example, South Africa, Australia and so on.

3.After make an order, please leave an message and note  about the declared value in invoice. 

4.In order to make 3d printers easier to operate, we upgraded to use the MK8 extruder. In addition to Russia,England and the United States warehouse , we will prioritize to send the printers of  MK8 type. Please leave a message if there are other requirements  on the exturder.

5.All Magician printers shipped from China come with a MK8 extruder(Please choose the option "Western Europe"/"China to Japan") .
All oversea warehouses are shipped with Titan extruder.

Please contact us through, with any agent and support.

Basic Specification

Principal :FDM(Fused Deposition Modeling

Physical size:220mm x250mm(Δ)×420mm(high)

Packaging size:Φ316mm* 450mm

Machine weight :4 KG

Packing weight :9.5 KG

Nozzle diameter :0.4mm

Max no-load speed :120mm / s

MAX printing speed :80mm / s

Material type :PLA

Material specification :1.75 mm

Print head power :40W

Connect :USB or TF card 


Software Specification

Operation System:Windows MacOS Linux

Slice software :Cura

Input Format :STL / OB

Output Format:G-code

Compatible :Simplify 3D Slic3r


Hardware Specification

Max printing size:Φ100* 150

Nozzle :single 

Printing Accuracy :0.1mm

Location Accuracy :0.01mm

Layer resolution 0.1mm-0.4mm


1. Do not need to assemble

2. High cost performance

3.Upgraded 32 - bit board.

4.It is easy for any beginner and suitable for high school and university teaching.

5.Magician can power off resume print. .

You can get resources here:

Upgrade firmware for biqu Magician -.power off resume print. 

 Please refer to download 

BIQU Magician Auto leveling Demonstration Video  
















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