BIQU 3D Printer Heatbed Sticker With 3M Tape 3D Printers 200mm*200mm Black printer sticker

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Model Number: 3D0386
Name: BIQU Heatbed Sticker
Color: Black
Size: 200*200MM
Place of origin: China

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Why you need to choose the BIQU heat bed sticker?

Because  the 3D printing models easily cause edge up when printing. Once the printing models  edged, Our efforts to come to naught.

    1.The heatbed sticker is made of special rough PC chip, not only can prevent 

    2. 3D printing models alice edge but keep surface smooth.
    3.The PC chip is co-extrusion molding, insulation, environmental protection, pollution-free heating
    4.The PC chip uses coarse thread, with many small holes in the surface, it can effective improve the


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