BIGTREETECH Tango V1.0 Motherboard Upgrade on Rumba MPU / Optimized For 3D Printer

type :
Brand Name: BIQU
Product Name: BIQU Tango V1.0
Type: Motherboard
Input voltage: 12V-24V
Condition: New 100%
Lead Time: In stock

  • Introduction

Electronic part is the brain of a 3D printer, and all movements are controlled by electronic parts. The Tango1.0 baord is R&D for 3D Printer,which is Based on AVR Processor ATMEGA2560 controller board.It support three different color filament, You can use a personal computer with a USB cable to control the 3D printer

1.There are six stepper motorand five temperature sensor input interfaces;

2.LCD expansion interface,supportLCD screen and SD expansion interface, it can achieve offline printing;

3.UsingATMEGA2560 as the main control chip, with high-performance USB to UART chip CP2102,it is compatible toall related RAMPS firmware;

4, Power input is 12-24V, the rated voltage of the hot bed is same as the input voltage of the power supply, the voltage of the hot bed will be 12v if the voltage of power supply is 12v,and the voltage of the hot bed will be 24v if the voltage of power supply is 24v.

5,.PWM DC output (heating rods, fans, etc.); 6 outputs (1 large current, 3 medium currents, 2 small currents), driven by high performance, low on-resistance MOS transistors,  LED as an indicator for each output.


Notice :

About  DR8825  driver :The reference voltage Vref must be less than 1.25V.

We have white and yellow inserts for the main board, and we send them at random when delivered.(Just the color different .)

1.It is necessary to distinguish the positive and negative electrodes When connecting the power supply
2,Please pay attention to the type of driver you have purchased and install it correctly.
3,This 3D printer motherboard has a large current, high temperature characteristics, must pay attention to fire prevention, protection! Do not place this motherboard next to flammable objects;
4,The temperature of the circuit board will rise sharply when the hot bed is heated. If the printer is in a bad position of air circulation, the circuit board fuse will be automatically disconnected because of the high temperature, and the hot bed cannot be heated;
5,If you use mechanical switches as limited switches, just need to connect "signal S" and "ground-wire" terminals, and the "power supply +" terminal does not need to be connected.If it wrongly connect the mechanical stop switch to the circuit board. The power +” and “ground –” terminals will burn the board.

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BIGTREETECH Tango V1.0 Motherboard Upgrade on Rumba MPU / Optimized For 3D Printer
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