3D Printer Prusa I3 Movement Kit GT2 Belt Pulley LM8UU 624zz Bearing

Biqu Equipment
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Model Number: KIT024
Blet: GT2-6MM
Type: For prusa i3
Brand Name: BIQU
Item Type: Ball Bearings
Product name: GT2 belt kit
Material of teeth: Aluminium
Pulley: 20 teeth bore 5
Material of belt: Rubber
Belt: GT2-6MM




Durable and virtually

Designed specifically for linear movement

GT2 pulley and belt are used together, very convenient to use

20 contact with the tooth side which minimizes the risk of the belt slipping


The series GT2 belts are specially designed for the linear movement. Use a profile with rounded teeth, which ensures that the belt tooth perfectly and accurately into the pulley groove, so that if one reverses the direction of the pulley, there is no place for the band to move in the groove.

Packing list:

12 x LM8UU
4 x 608ZZ
1 x 624ZZ
2 x 5*5 coupler shaft
2 meter GT2 belt
2 x 20teeth aluminum timing pulley





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