10pcs LM8UU 8mm 8x15x24mm Ball Bearing Bush Bushing 8mmx15mmx24mm for 3D printer parts

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Model Number: LM8UU
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Stock: In stock
Condition: New100%
Type : Voltage Regulator
Usage: 3D Printer parts
name: LM8UU Ball Bearing
size: 8x15x24mm
Quatity: Guarantee
Package: Suitable Package

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 LM8UU 8mm 8x15x24mm  Ball Bearing Bush Bushing 8mmx15mmx24mm

Model:LM8 UU

Shaft ID: 8mm

Packing list:

10*LM8UU 8mm 8x15x24mm  Ball Bearing

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