3D Printer Ultimaker 2 UM2 synchronous belt closed loop rubber 4*GT2-6mm Belt 610mm 2*200mm

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Model Number: KIT046
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Lead Time: In stock
Size: 610MM
Condition: New100%
Type: Belt
For: 3D Printer parts
Name : 610-2GT closed-Loop rubber belt
Material: Neoprene Rubber With Fiberglass Core
2GT Pitch: 2mm 
Tooth Height: 0.76mm  
Width: 6mm 
Shape: Closed Loop 


Circular arc Tooth Profile Tooth Space is Small, Suitable for Straight Line Driving.

2GT System is an Extension of The HTD System With Greater Load Carrying Capacity.


Packing List:

4 x GT2-6mm Belt 610mm

2 x GT2-6mm Belt 200mm

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