T8 Lead Screw 300/330/350/380/400/500mm Trapezoidal Anti-Backlash Nut Thread 8mm For 3D Printer

Biqu Equipment
Size * 200mm
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Brand Name: BIQU
Place Of Origin: Guangdong,China (Mainland)

Item Type: Lead Screw
Type: Trapezoidal screw

Model Number: Lead Screw
Application: CNC/Stepper Motor

Product name: T8 Lead Screw
Screw Diameter: 8mm
Pitch: 2mm
Length: 300mm/330mm/350mm/380mm/400mm/500mm
Lead: 8mm




Product Name: T8 Lead Screw + Anti-Backlash Nut

Lead screw diameter: 8mm

Pitch: 2mm

Lead: 8mm

Lead screw length: 300/330/350/380/400/500MM

Material: Stainless Steel

Suitable For: 3D Printer CNC/Stepper Motor




1. Lead screw mainly used in stepper motor, machine tool, and other equipment. Lead screw without processing, direct connected to bearing.

2. Suitable for industrial automation equipment, stepper motor rails; such as 3D printers; engraving machine; XYZ module; slider; lifts etc.

3. Large torque, small vibration, high-quality, low noise!









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