C-beam DIY Openbuilds Slider For v-slot Gantry Plate Big +Openbuilds Isolation Column+Plastic wheel with Bearings Pulley

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Model Number: KIT059
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Lead Time: In stock
Condition: New100%
Type : Voltage Regulator
Name: Openbuilds DIY
Range of engraving: Carving machine accessories
Material: Aluminium
Openbuilds Isolation Column: 5.1*10*6mm
Openbuilds Slider Gantry Plate big: 127*88*3mm




Openbuilds Isolation Column:

Suitable for Openbulids
Bore: 5.1mm
Outer diameter: 10mm
High: 6mm



Openbuilds Plastic wheel with Bearings:

Bore: 5mm
With Bearings: YES(625 bearing)



Packing list:

Openbuilds Slider Gantry Plate Big*1

Openbuilds Isolation Column*1

Openbuilds Plastic wheel with Bearings*4


copper *4pcs





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