BIQU LV8729 Stepper Motor Driver Support 6V-36V With Heatsinks

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Model Number: LV8729 driver
Brand Name: BIQU
Product Name: LV8729 driver module
Dimensions: 1.5mm * 2.0mm
Operating voltage: 6V-36V
Function: Use for 3D printer stepper motor




LV8729 driver module with 128 subdivisions is a good choice for Nema stepper motor whose current is less than 1.5A, which makes motor steady, quiet and precise.



Dimensions: 1.5mm * 2.0mm (Same with the A4988 and DRV8825)

Maximum drive current: 1.8A (Default 0.8A)

Operating voltage: 6V-36V, the proposed voltage is 12V

Support subdivisions: 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128

Product Process: four layer PCB board

In the 64 subdivision or 128 subdivision controller it has a better ultra-quiet effect.


Note: Please make sure the connection direction is right, or it will damage the chip and controller board.


Driver current algorithm and its adjustment:


1. Driver current formula:l=Vref/(Rs*5),Rs=0.220hm,lmax=1.8A, so the default current 0.8A, and maximum current 1.5A

2. Please DO NOT connect the motors when measuring the voltage, or it’s easy to burn the drive.

3. Please connect both the power supply and the USB for power when measuring the voltage.

4. Minor adjustment for potentiometer driver. Adjust it again after measurement to avoid burning driver by excessive current.

5. To increase the current by rotating the potentiometer clockwise slowly, and anticlockwise to reduce.


Note: Please make sure the connecting direction is right, or it will probably burn the driver chip and controller board. Recommend to do a good job of cooling for the module.


LV8729 Increases Heat Dissipation Tips:


To consider heat, LV8729 uses four layers of PCB to dissipate heat,meanwhile,

 the chip is attached with heatsink, which is default 1A.Since LV8729 motor drive subdivision is

relatively large, in order to the stable operation of the 3D printer,any stepper motor is to actively

dissipate heat, for example, using fan, hanging heat sink,or installing a large fan for your cotroller










BIQU LV8729 Stepper Motor Driver Support 6V-36V With Heatsinks
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