BIQU B1 3D Printer SKR V1.4 32bit Motherboard TFT35 B1 V3.0 Dual Operation System FDM Impressora 3D VS Ender3 v2 Beginner

$356.36 $269.00
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Noble purple
Elegant black

 Please note the specifications of the plug in the order(we have Japanese plug, U.S. plug,  national plug, European plug, Australian plug, British plug)

If the customer needs to replace the main board, adapter board, and type c line by himself, you must pay attention to:

1. The main board wiring needs to pay attention to the line of the heating rod, and the line sequence cannot be wrong.

2. The adapter board must be connected according to the wiring diagram we provide.

3.The type c line can only use provide by BIQU, other lines are not suitable.

Good news!!!

BIQU B1 is in stock in the US warehouse! ! !
But the quantity is limited, so place an order as soon as possible. The next batch of inventory will be around February 2021.

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