3D Printer J-head Hotend with Single Cooling Fan for 1.75mm/3.0mm 3D v6 bowden Filament Wade Extruder 0.2mm/0.3mm/0.4mm Nozzle

Biqu Equipment
Size * 1.75 0.2
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Ships From: China
Brand Name: BIQU
Model Number: V6 Bowden Extruder
Name: 3D V6 hotend
function: for 3d printer Bowden Extruder
Material of heatsink: Aluminium
Function: For 3D printer hotend
Size: Bowden extruder
Be Situable for: 1.75/3.0mm PLA

Packing details:
1* V6 Bowden Radiator Pipe 1.75/3.0
1* V6 Bowden Teflon Throat 1.75
1* V6 Bowden All Metal Throat 1.75
1* E3D Brass Nozzzle 1.75/0.2(2) 1.75/0.3 1.75/0.4 1.75/0.5
2* V6 Aluminum Block
1* 04-M6 MM Gold Quick Connector
1* PC4-01 Quick Connector
1* Teflon Tube 2*4
1* Heater 12V 40W
1* NTC 3950 Thermistors with Dupont head
1* 3010 Fan 12V
1* V6 Fan Guard






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