BIGTREETECH Raspberry Pad 5

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Raspberry Pad 5
【Raspberry Pad 5】+【CM4102032 CM4 PCB/ext 2GB 32GB with wifi】
【Raspberry Pad 5】+【CM4102008 CM4 PCB/ext 2GB 8GB with wifi】
【Raspberry Pad 5】+【SKR MINI E3 V3.0】
【Raspberry Pad 5】+【SKR Pico V1.0】
【Raspberry Pad 5】+【Octopus V1.1】
【Raspberry Pad 5】+【 Octopus V1.1】+【TMC2209*8pcs】
【Raspberry Pad 5】+【CM4102000 CM4 PCB/ext 2GB Lite with wifi】
  • 5-inch IPS Touch Display Screen
  • Multi-point Touch
  • 800*480 Pixels HD
  • Extensive Interface: HDMI, 40 pin GPIO, RJ45, Type-C, 3* USB 2.0, CSI Port
  • Compatible with all models of Rasberry PI CM4
  • More applications: Used for  Net TV, Smart mirror, door controller, digital photo frame, wall calendar, Pad, Robot, Smart speaker, Minicomputer
Please note: The Raspberry Pad 5 itself does not include CM4. If you want to buy CM4 together, you can choose option 2 or option 3.