5pcs/Lot E3D V5 Throat Heat Break Hotend Throat All Metal or Teflon Tube Stainless Steel for 1.75/3.0mm J-head

Biqu Equipment
Size * 1.75mm with Teflon
Quantity * 5pcs
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Model Number: D203
Brand Name: BIQU
Product name: V5 throat
Type: Throat
Item Type: Teflon / All Metal / Bore 4 1 mm
Material :
 Stainless steel
Fit for: 3D V5 j-head
Size: 1.75/3.0mm
Inner diameter: 2mm for 1.75mm filament
                         3.2mm for 3.00mm filament

Specification: M6 * 26

Material: Stainless steel

For example, Makerbot 3D printer 1.75mm / 3.0mm consumables

The specially designed stainless steel pipe connection for 3D printer, the use of measures such as slow heat transfer and local cutting of stainless steel, can effectively prevent heat upload, and avoid the problem of feed expansion in advance.











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